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Miliotis Georgios Physiotherapy Clinic | Corfu

Sports physiotherapy deals with the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries resulting from amateur or professional sports. The main cause for the occurrence of sports injuries are some contributing factors, which must be evaluated by the sports physiotherapist from the very beginning. Classical physiotherapy (various forms of electrotherapy, hand massage, etc.) does not really help, as it does not solve the cause of the problem and at best temporarily improves the symptoms of inflammation and local pain. So, most of the time, the inflammation and pain come back because the cause has not been found.

The individualized treatment of the patient - athlete includes his/her musculoskeletal examination, in order to identify incorrect kinematic patterns, as well as the analysis of his/her technique in his/her sport. Then, the patient- athlete is informed about the findings of the physiotherapy evaluation and the causes of his/her dysfunction and is offered a modern and comprehensive rehabilitation program with instructions for retraining of his/her technique, adjustment or replacement of equipment (bicycle, shoes, etc.), stretching exercises for shortened muscle groups and strengthening exercises of weak muscle groups-kinetic chains, balance exercises (proprioception), retraining of motor control, etc. All these presuppose excellent knowledge in the field of sports injuries by a specialized Sports Physiotherapist.