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Miliotis Georgios Physiotherapy Clinic | Corfu

Orthopaedic / musculoskeletal rehabilitation requires a scientifically based (evidence based) evaluation by the physiotherapist. Clinical reasoning, taught at the University of South Australia by Mark Jones, an inspiring and world - renowned professor, is the cornerstone of valid assessment and diagnosis of any musculoskeletal problem. The patient's history is examined in order to understand and highlight the bio-psycho-social factors, which are responsible for his/her clinical picture, thus helping the therapist and the patient to fully understand the cause of his/her problem. Thus, from the beginning, the patient is not a passive recipient of a treatment, but actively participates in the planning of the treatment.

The therapist organizes, based on the information he has collected, his clinical examination that will lead him to the individualized, for the specific patient, treatment. The therapist does not focus only on the local damage of specific tissues (eg muscles, tendons, bones, joints, intervertebral disc, etc.), but comprehensively investigates all the bio-psycho-social parameters that can be exercised in the human body and their effects on the tissue healing process that may affect the patient's dysfunction (eg body asymmetries, poor musculoskeletal control, psychological, social factors).

By finding the cause of each problem (musculoskeletal examination) and not the result (local pain), the patient becomes an active recipient of a comprehensive, more effective treatment in less time, also preventing possible future relapses.