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Miliotis Georgios Physiotherapy ClinicCorfu

Scientific research has shown that therapeutic exercise is one of the main pillars on which physiotherapy rehabilitation should be based. Therapeutic exercise achieves the recovery of a problem, the prevention of recurrence, as well as the general improvement of health.

The therapeutic exercise is applied by graduate physiotherapists, as it presupposes the excellent knowledge of Pathology, Physiology, Anatomy, Biomechanics, Rehabilitation of Movement, etc., as well as the pre-requisite clinical evaluation of the patient for the implementation of a specialized treatment.

Obviously, during the postoperative rehabilitation of orthopaedic, sports, cardiological and other problems, it is necessary to implement a specialized therapeutic exercise program by a physiotherapist.

An exercise program should usually consist of exercises for flexibility, strength and endurance of the tissues, balance and proprioception, retraining of motor control, as well as functional exercises according to the sport or activity, etc.